Dec 29, 2009

My Fashion Icons & Favourite Trends

My self esteem is probably lower than average and thus my personal style suffers. I don't exactly have a lot of money and I hate my body type. I find it painful shopping for my style/shape and budget.
Since 2010 is fast approaching and two of my goals are to get a job and to loose weight I feel like Spring is the perfect time for a new wardrobe. 
This post is a collection of my favourite trends, outfits and icons. A guideline for my Spring Shopping, if you will. 


Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn

They are just the most beautiful women in the world in my opinion.
They embody elegance, glamour and sexy appeal without stripping down to hot pants and a boob tube. My friend is going to take me to some gorgeous vintage shops in london *can't wait*
Vintage Clothing is not only original and stylish but its environmentally friendly and you can pick up some amazing bargains! Two modern day celebrities who I think represent old Hollywood Glamour are Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Brook. 


"Rock Chic" 
 So two trends I've loved in 2009 are Wet Look Leggings and Leather Jackets. I guess this trend was further fueled into popularity by the new 'Vampire Obsession'. Luckily for me, my favourite colour to wear is black.


Accessories are my one true love!
You can't look fat in shoes! You're never too tall or too short for bangles! And earrings don't make you look washed out! Basically I love the lack of discrimination that accessories have. Anyone can where them with confidence and then can transform any outfit.

Ankle Boots
Sexy, Sophisticated and easier to walk in than stilettos. They also keep my feet warm :)  

Huge Sunglasses
The Holiday Hangover Saviour!


OverSized Bags
I think Rachel Weisz Looks gorgeous here!

Chunky Jewelry  
 Basically I like big accessories, they make me look smaller *grins*

Thats pretty much my style summed up!

My *money no object* Accessory wish list:

 If you could own Any Accessory in the World What Would it be?


All Pictures Taken From Google

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