Jan 24, 2010

Is Plastic Surgery Really Worth it?

So this evening I have been discussing the Infamous Plastic Surgery of Heidi Pratt with Zoe (Zoella280390) and Shirley (shirleybeniang) and I it inspired me to write this post.

What an earth propelled a gorgeous young women who is 'happily' married to go through plastic surgery, let alone to the extremes in which she went! (10 Procedures in ONE DAY)

This brings me to explain my own opinions on plastic surgery. I am certainly not against it by any means, in fact I have always wanted it. I have always been incredibly self conscious and it has effected important areas of my life so there is always a part of me that feels plastic surgery would solve this. The logical side knows different, PLASTIC SURGERY alone cannot make you happy.

If I ever decided to go ahead with plastic surgery (MONEY NO OBJECT) I imagine I would get breast implants, rhinoplasticity and lip injections. But where does it end...would I then go on to get venners, upper eyelid lift's and liposuction?? Do I really want to be fake? Do I want to end up in a relationship with someone who is attracted to my fake breasts instead of my brain??

Personally I think Heidi looks awful...she looks fake and plastic!! In the words of Zoe 'She has the life sucked out of her' I also think she must have some serious psychological issues if she feels the need to transform herself in such an extreme way! (We all know Michael Jackson wasn't exactly sane)

Having thought about the cost, pain, risks (disfigurement and even death!) and possibly psychological trauma I am certainly putting of the idea of surgery for a good few years. At 18 I need to learn to accept and love myself just the way I am. NO I AM NOT PERFECT but I am the way I am!
I think we are all beautiful naturally....it all comes from within!! And if you need any help there is always make up!! :)

If you are thinking about Plastic Surgery please be careful, talk to a doctor and think it through! It is permanent!! BE SAFE!!
Don't forget to tell me your opinions on Heidi&Surgery

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