Feb 10, 2010

Review: St Moriz

This is just a quick review of St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse which Katherine kindly picked up and posted to me. 

Admittedly I am a novice at fake tan and up until one month ago I was a fake tan snob. Growing up the girls at school "The Plastics" as we called them, use to cake themselves in awful fake tan. I put me off ever trying it, as I did not want to look like a tangerine. After hearing about this fake tan through Lisaz09 on youtube I decided to give it a go. 

I am now in love with St Moriz. 

It is known as the Dupe for St Tropez containing identical ingredients and an almost identical formula. Therefore its a great 'credit crunch' option for those who need to save the pennies.

  • The Colour is a lovely golden brown... not orange... therefore looks a lot more natural than some fake tans.
  • The Smell is not strong at all. To me it smells a little like everyday soap. 
  • The Application is easy. The mousse formula is easy worked into the skin without dripping creating a streak free finish even when applied by a novice.
  • The End Result is lovely. I recommend if you are pale applying a thin layer of tan in order to keep it natural looking.
  • The Downside is it can make some people breakout on their face. It hasn't yet to me but if it does... it is still a great option for your body, or just you legs.
  • Tip: (From Lollipop26) Do a section of your body at a time, washing your hands in between each one to prevent the need for gloves.
I purchased this for £2 at home bargains (Katherine paid for the postage and sent it to me...THANK YOU)  It can also be purchased at http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk and some TK Maxx. 

Link to Katherine's Youtube Channel: 


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Onna's Little Blog: February 2010

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