Jun 18, 2010

Holiday Snaps - France

Hello! If you haven't seen my obsessive tweeting then you might not know I am currently in France with the family! I'm having a lovely time, I might even have a job lined up for September so I'm in a great mood at the moment! I'm currently in the area of Poitou-Charentes and tomorrow we leave to travel to the Dordogne. Weather is a bit rubbish! Lovely and warm but not sunny enough for some tannage! Soon this is all the change so obviously i'll be crisping up! Might even brave an OOTD :)

Enjoy these pictures, hope its not too boring! Obviously I'm not a photographer, just having a pit of a play around with my camera. And Let me know if you want to see some more! 

Might take some more snaps when I head into the city. 

Much Love,


Jun 13, 2010

New HG Summer Product - Clinique Almost Makeup

 I completely forgot I had this product and when I first got it, I never really used it. I was always a full coverage, full face kinda girl but I've had such problems with acne/blemishes on my skin. Now, I've realised how much better it looks, in the short and long term, when I wear a light foundation. So after some pondering I thought I would give this product a go! 

I love the idea of tinted moisturisers in the summer but I'm far too pale and far too oily for them to work for me. For me, this product is a great compromise. It has a good choice of fairer shades [I'm 09 Neutral Fair], its oil free and apparently waterproof, though this I am a little skeptical on. It also has the added bonus of an SPF 15, perfect for summer. [If you are out in strong sun please use extra sun protection ladies!] 

This product is not matte, but its doesn't 'glow' so its suitable for all skin types, and looks extremely natural. It doesn't shimmer or glitter [I hate glittery faces - YUCK] It just effortlessly evens out your skin tone. I like to apply with my fingers and then finish blending with a damp sponge. Its a sheer coverage so it won't cover lots of blemishes, but I like the look of a light foundation combined with a good concealer. I would also really recommend this for mature skin. I use it on my mum and she looks fab! 

Its widely available in the UK & US, and its only £20 for 45ml. [Nars Sheer Glow is £29 for 30ml] I like the packaging, but it doesn't blow me away. Its just nice and simple. The product simply squeezes out the tube. Don't forget unlike a tinted moisturiser, this product will not add tan. So if your looking for that 'bronzed goddess' look, try adding a creme bronzer. 

Hope you find this useful ladies, 

Picture Taken From The Clinique Website, Sorry I was lazy! I think my Mum & Dad bought me this for Christmas, so it wasn't send for free, obviously :) 

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Jun 12, 2010

Bloggers & Body Image No.1

This is a new series I wanted to put together about how us girls really feel about our bodies. Body image is something which really effects my life but I'm working towards becoming healthy, happier and kinder... My first interview is with Carlinn, a gorgeous beauty blogger and role model. 

 If you would like to take part feel free to tweet, comment or email. 

Name: Carlinn 
Age: 25
Location: Malta
Home Town: Cape Town S.A
Height: 1.73m (5ft 9)
Dress Size: 8/10 (UK)
Blog: Superficialgirls

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 
Usually it takes about 15 minutes unless I wash and straighten or curl my hair, then much longer! 

What is your diet and fitness routine like
I used to go to the gym everyday when I lived in SA I dont do it anymore but I do love going to the gym and I eat pretty healthy. I cant diet I just dont see the point of depriving myself, I would rather eat what I feel like in moderation.

What do you like best about your appearance? 
I love my height and proportion of my body as well as my massive amount of hair on my head :P

If you could change anything about the way you look what you it be? 

I would change my ribs sticking out ( they push in and then stick out) Its called a pigeon chest and it does sometimes annoy me.

How much does the way you look affect how you feel? 

A lot, if i dont feel comfortable i wil not be as outgoing as usual.

Three Most beautiful female celebrities? 

Mila Kunis , Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel 

Which celebrities make the worst role models? 
Any of these reality stars that just drink, party, spray tan with no jobs etc, whatever the case may be. Thats just not real life its entertainment.

How do you feel about plastic surgery? 

I have no problem with it, within reason of course. Change something because you want to not for someone else or to make other people like you more. Both my sisters have had boob jobs and I wouldnt hesitate to get one either (normal size nothing above a c! )

You opinions on airbrushing and 'perfection' in the media? 

Its neccesary but not in the the way its being done these days. I love photoshopped pictures because they are more appealing but dont photoshop false lashes on mascara ads or make lingerie models extremely thin, it doesnt make people want to buy the product...

Would you rather be too thin or too fat? 

Ohhh thats difficult. I am not sure. Probably to thin because then I can eat loads to fatten up as I love eating.

Any words of wisdom for women lacking in confidence? 

I think every morning you should go through a mental list of things you are thankful for in your head. This usually makes me feel lucky and helps me forget anything i might see as flaws on myself which does make you more confident. Also its not bad to try and look good. Everyone wants to feel pretty and once you feel pretty you will be more confident.

How confident in your own skin?  /10 

8.5/10 Everyone has insecurities but dont make it rule your life! :)

Don't forget to Follow Carlinn if you don't already! She's Ah-mazing! & Thanks for taking part hun! I think all you blogging ladies are beautiful! 

Much Love,

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Jun 11, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Whose eyebrows are the fairest of them all?

Am I the only one who is completely obsessed with eyebrows? My own, friends, families, celebrities! I can not stand bad eyebrows! Over-plucked! Under-plucked! Messy....or worse the MONO Brow! Its actually the first thing I look at when I see people and If my eyebrows look messy, I feel ugly! 

This probably explains my girl-crush on Megan Fox, because despite what you think of her, her eyebrows are fab! 

I spend 40 minutes, twice a week doing mine. Bit Much? Maybe? Now I'm not saying my eye-brows are perfect, far from it! I was born with bushy and naturally wonky eyebrows, so its really hard to get the looking nice and even! This will not stop my never ending quest for perfect brows :) 

 (My nickname in school was bush-baby *frowns*) 

Anyone else obsessed with eyebrows?


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Onna's Little Blog: June 2010

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