Nov 21, 2010


So this picture was taken after a long 12 hour day communting to college and back. Me and my friend decided to go for a quick drink at my local. Well actually this is me, after a bit of retouching! Sadly I couldn't change the hoody and it could be much better but I'm not very good at using photo-editing software. 

Here's the original

Just thought I'd show you as its quite fun to see the difference. I also think people need to realise that even in the blogging world, 'airbrushing' takes place. I don't even think its a bad thing as long as people are aware of it. I know for instance in my FOTD's the lighting literally washes out all my imperfections and my make up and hair is always freshly done. Also if I look particularly crap that day I don't bother with photos at all. So you see, if you met me in real life you might be suprised by how many imperfections I have... (LOADS :P) 

Sometimes I look a bloggers OOTD's and think "Why can't I look like that?" but really they dont. Even the with most stunning of blogging ladies, lets face it... they dont wake up looking like that! Hot tools, makeup and good lighting is a girls best friend! This isn't a post to complain, just want to let all those girls, who feel bad about the way they look know, we ALL are imperfect, thats what makes us unique. 

Also just for the record, I crop pictures etc but don't 'retouch' them. The huge window in my bedroom does that for me ;) 



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Nov 20, 2010

Party Time

This dress can be found Here

This dress can be found Here

My Dream Christmas Party Dresses 

Its outfits like these that get me up in the morning and make me workout! :)



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Nov 19, 2010

Bedroom Chic?

Thats one of my cats, Sammy

So heres my bedroom... 

Its lovely, with plenty of room and a geat view but its looking a bit drab right now! I want to spruce it up! Sadly Papa wants me to keep the walls wall cream. (Since its his house I shall happliy oblige but I will be touching them up!) 

Any Ideas on how I can make improvements on a very small budget? A huge downside is Ikea is 4 hours away from me and I do not own a car! BOO :( 

All Photos apart from my own were found on



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Nov 18, 2010

My Morning Makeup!

Just a little sneaky peak at my makeup collection, and my magical pot of makeup!

My Desk 
Sadly not used for much college work :P 

  Click on the picture to enlarge it 

My Everyday Makeup 
I dont wear all this makeup every single day but its a collection of the products I use most, so when I'm in a rush its easier to grab them :)

The Body Shop Matte it! Primer
MUFE HD Foundation in 115
Revlon SkinLights 
M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer in NW20
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
NYC Cheek Colour Compact in Sutton Place Peach
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Pink Cloud

Rimmel Matte e/s Cocoa
The Body Shop e/s in Taupe 
Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Barry M Liquid & Pencil Liner in Black
Eyeko Magic Mascara in Black

M.A.C Creme Cup Lipstick (Creamsheen)
Barry M Lip Gloss no.4

Looking Smexy...

I've missed blogging... I'll try and be a good girl and blog much more!



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Onna's Little Blog: November 2010

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Onna's Little Blog: November 2010

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