Dec 31, 2010

NOTD: Rose Libertine

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Polish in Rose Libertine...

Courtesy of Santa Claus <3 

x Onna x


Dec 30, 2010

An English Rose

Firstly apologies for the crap picture, managed to snap a few with the decent camera but then it ran out of battery! This make up look was inspired by the gorgeous Kelly who recently did a blog post on her love of pale skin and bright blush. I also LOVE this look and convieniently I am always whiter than white! I do tan in the summer but what with the english weather and my phobia of wrinkles, tanning is not something I do often. When I was cleaning my room yesterday I found a product I'd thought was lost for good... 

The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Stain in Rose Pink
I picked it up free with a magazine but at only £10 I will most definitely be repurchasing. I much prefer it to Benefits Benetint, which I've tried a few times. 
It gives a lovely pink flush and lasts all day long, even on the lips. 

I kept the eyes simple, I wanted my cheeks and lips to stand out. I just used a matte brown eyeshadow to subtly line my eyes, then lots of mascara. This look makes me feel very pretty ... with emphasis on the 'feel'. I'm not saying I look amazing, but it makes me feel elegant and understated. Its also minimal upkeep so perfect for a long day at work or college.

What I'm Wearing:
MUFE HD Foundation
Mac Studio Finish Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint
Rimmel Mono E/S in Cocoa
Eyeko Magic Mascara

Will you be embracing your winter skin?

Onna x

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Dec 28, 2010

Top Ten Workout Songs

Some of my favourite workout songs to get you going for you New Year Diets...

I've probably missed out some amazing ones, but in no particular order:

1) The Tings Tings - Thats Not My Name
2) Plan B - She Said
3) Young MC - Bust a Move
4) Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It
5) Florence and the Machines - Dogs Days
6) Lady Gag Feat. Beyonce - Telephone
7) Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)
8) Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (Single Mix)
9) Reverand And The Makers - Heavyweight Champions of the World
10) Katy Perry - Teenage Dreams

Hope you all had a good Christmas,

Happy New Year!


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Dec 12, 2010

Hangover Cures

Its Christmas time, we all have parties to go to, and our fair share of festive hangovers to deal with. This is made even worse by how busy it gets around this time of year. I know I don't have time for hangovers!! These tips to avoid and prevent hangovers may seem simple, common sense but they really help... 

  • You've heard it all before but DO NOT MIX DRINKS! You don't have to drink exactly the same thing all night, but just stick to the same 'type' of drink like beer, wine, cocktails etc. 
  • If your on a diet or watching your waistline stick to spirits and low calorie mixers. Gin & Slimline Tonic or Vodka and Diet Coke are the best options.
  • Try to neck down a bit of water at the bar inbetween drinks .
  • Apparently darker drinks cause more severe hangovers as they contain natural chemicals called congeners (impurities) so go for clear or lighter alcohols. 
  • Also please remember you don't need to get stupidly drink, once you reach tipsy try to stop drinking, your body will thank you in the morning. 
  • If you don't follow the above advice at least STOP DRINKING an hour before heading home, what's the point in doing a shot before leaving ey?

I dont just mean a glass before you go out, I'm talking at least 4 x 500ml bottles of water throughout the day. Then another bottles in the evening. I ALWAYS keep a bottle of water besides my bed for the next morning, as the main hangover symptoms come from de-hydration.

I take a multivitamin everyday during the winter, but its extra important while drinking. The alcohol 'flushes out' more water than you've consumed, simultaneously flushing out vitamins and minerals. I also take Milk Thistle (recommended by Amy) which helps the liver to get rid of toxins. Take one of each, the day of the party and one each the next morning. 

  • Junk food isn't going to stop you getting hungover but it does provide some comfort. The reason we crave fatty foods because we are missing out on certain nutrients, try eating something healthier as well.
  • Blood Sugars tend to be low after a heavy night so a sugary cup of tea and a mince pie might help :)
  • Make sure to eat three sensible meals the day of the party, including a proper sizeable dinner with plenty of vegetables, lean protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates. (Brown rice/pasta/wholegrain bread) 
  • Orange juice is great for the morning afterwards, as well a proper breakfast. I like wholegrain toast and marmite, with fruit salad. 
  • A glass of milk before leaving the house helps to slow down the absorption of alcohol.
I know its hard after a night out but if you can get at least six-eight hours sleep, it will work miracles. I always try to go home to my own bed, rather than crashing on a friends sofa. If I sleep in my own bed and don't wake before ten, I usually feel fine! 

After a heavy drinking session doctors recommend to wait 48 hours before drinking any more alcohol in order to let body tissues recover (Totally looked that up on the NHS website)

Last but not least, two paracetamols, a little bit of junk food, a shower and a christmassy chick-flick usually does the trick :) Good Luck coping with your next hangover girlies, I hope this helps! 

Merry Christmas,


All Images from WeHeartIt!

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Dec 9, 2010

Its Christmas

Christmas Decorations :)

Christmas Starbucks: Toffee Nut Latte 

My Advert Calender, handmade by my Nan <3

A Clear Blue December Sky & My Advent Lights 

Advent Candles <3

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Onna x

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Sometimes keeping it simple is all you need! 
Some people find french manicures tacky, but I really like them! Since my nails grow fairly fast it saves me forking out for false ones. I used my Barry M White for the tips and Revlon Nail Enamel in Pink Nude over the top. I didnt do a top coat or base coat but it still looked shiny and lasted a few days. 

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Onna's Little Blog: December 2010

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Onna's Little Blog: December 2010

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