Mar 26, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Inspired Makeup

Makeup Inspired my Vanessa Hudgens


Onna x

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What I love to eat :)

Breakfast: Mango & Rasberry Smoothie
Serves 2
150cals per portion(Roughly)

200-300ml Orange Juice
(Depending on How Thick you like it)
1 Large Banana
1 Handful of Frozen Raberries
1 Chunk of Mango (Chopped)

Whizz all together and viola! So simple and so tasty!

50g Raisins 
(Roughly 130 cals)

40g Roasted Almonds
(Roughy 200cals)

Use raw almonds, fill an oven tray and use 1/2tsp of Olive Oil and 2 tsp of Salt (Depending on the size of the batch)then mix them all together. Roast in the over for roughly 20 minutes at around 200ºC (Keep an eye on it, cooking time varies) Leave to cool then portion up!

Remember dried fruits and nuts are very nutritous and filling but they contain a lot of calories so always portion control! 

Dinner: Chicken Tagine
Serves 2
I got this recipe from Kelly at Kelanjo19, it was one of her cooking videos but is no longer up there so I've written out my version of the recipe here:

1 Large Chicken Breast (or two small ones)
1 Onion
1/2 Red Pepper
1 tsp Ginger
1 tsp of Mixed Spice
1 Handful of Dried Apricots
1/2 Handfuls of Raisins
1 Organic Chicken Stock Cube
Tin of Chopped Tomatoes 
(Mine were whole so I chopped them up)
1 Tsp Dried Oregano
1 Tsp of Chilli (Powder/fresh/Sauce)
1 tsp Honey
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Fried chicken for a few minutes
Add onions, peppers ginger and mixed spice, continue frying until softened (if chilli is powdered add in now)
Crumble in stock cube
Add tomato, small amount of water, salt, pepper, oregano, chilli and honey
Cook down on lowest heat with lid on for 30 minutes
Serve alone or with brown rice or wholegrain pittas

I'm hopefully going to try an brand new recipe tonight, so I shall try and be a good blogger and post the recipe. Let me know any type of meals you would like to see,


Onna x

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Mar 22, 2011

Are we skinny yet?

I know a lot of you ladies are joining in on my 4 week weight loss Challenge so firstly I just wanted to say a quick thank you to for all your support and positivity. Its so lovely to have lots of you wanting to join in and I can't wait to read your tweets and posts about your weight loss (Feel free to send me links via twitter)

I got a couple of people saying they were too nervous or self-concious to join in with the challenge, but please don't be! Feel free to just join in at anytime and not update me, I want everyone to get healthy and happy for summer.

Just wanted to say good luck and keep up the good work! Here's a few useful links so help you on your way:

Healthy Recipe Blog:

My Favourite Workout DVD:

Calculator for Calories burned during Exercise:

Calories Counting:

BMI Calculator:

Motivational Blog Post:

My Fitness Routine: As promised ;) 

Good Luck,


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Mar 21, 2011

Girl Crush: Mila Kunis

Name: Milena (Mila) Kunis
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Chernivtsi, Ukraine 
Occupation: Actress
Best Known For: Family Guy, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Book of Eli, Black Swan

This lady had flawless hair and makeup! End of!
What do you think of her Emmy Makeup?

Onna x

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Mar 20, 2011

4 Week Weight Loss Challenge!

I havent done a weight loss post in ages, its about time I did! Was going to post this in video form but I have to get up at 6am so I don't have time. Most of you know (I blab on about it enough) that I lost around 2 and a half stone last year, but my weight recently has come to a complete plateau. I'm sick of feeling chubby and feelings sorry for myself so I thought I better do something about it! The best way to break a weight loss plateau is to shake things up! 

The Challenge is to lose 8lbs in 4 weeks, starting from tomorrow, monday morning. 

Each week I'm going to set myself three mini goals to help towards my weight loss. This week they are: 

Go running at least once
Avoid Coffee ALL week
Try one new healthy recipe and blog about it

At the end of each week I'll make a Vlog telling you how much weight I've lost and how that week has been. If you want to see these just go subscribe to my youtube channel

For anyone who wants to join me in my weight loss journey you can comment on any video or post, or just tweet me and let me know how you are doing... obviously blog posts and videos would be amazing!

I'm going to do a post tomorrow(while in college, teehee) my fitness plan for the month. I want to get as much cardio in as possible (without injuring myself) as add a lot of strength training to my routine so tone up for the bikini season. 

As for my diet as always I'm going to stick to around 1200-1500 calories but I'm going to try and experiment with foods and eat more vegetables. I'm going back to drinking 3 bottles of water a day as I have been slacking recently, and I'm going to try and drink more green tea. Let me know if you want any posts about my diet!

Good Luck,


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Mar 19, 2011

One Day Maybe...

*Sighs* A girl can dream...

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Mar 18, 2011

Blogs I Love.

Another installment of my favourite bloggers. Click here to see the previous "Blogs I love." Post.

Michelle @ Daisy Butter

This girl is such an adorable, lovely person. I really like her 'ways to wear...' posts; she has a great wearable style and I love the way she writes.

Abby @ Abbzzw

I have to put Abby in here, she is my closest blogging friend and we always have such a giggle. My favourite part of her blog is her outfit posts, espcially this one! Absolutely gorgeous! 

Gorgeous. Lovely. Amazing Taste.

This girl deserves a million more followers!
What more can I say?

Zoe @ Schoee

Such a classic blog, and I'm sure you ALL follow her, but Zoe's blog will always be one of my favourites. So glad she is doing youtube videos again!

Finally one from Twitter...

Such a quirky, cute little blog that caught my attension as soon as I tweeted asking people to send links. Also she went to Falmouth Uni which makes me love her more, its close to where I live and I've just applied there.

I'll do another 'Blogs I love.' post next month and I'll ask for people to tweet me there links again, so people who want to get there blogs more 'out there' can :) 

Not that I think I have some huge blog or anything but every little helps right?

Onna x

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Mar 17, 2011

Vodka and Caviar

Last week I did a blog post of the gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and since then I've become a little obsessed Jessica Rabbit and that style of makeup. Actually I think my obsession started after watching the film Burlesque last month! Sadly I don't have to lips to pull this look off, but who cares?!?! I gave it a go anyway :)

What I'm wearing:

Witch Skin Clearing Primer
DiorSkin Forever Foundation in 010
M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer in NW20
No.7 Skin Illuminator in Pink
The Body Shop Blush in 02
Witch Pressed Powder
Stile e/s in Starlight
The Body Shop e/s in Taupe
Rimmel Matt e/s in Cocoa
Bourjois Felt Tip Liner in Noir
Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara 
M.A.C Lip Liner in Cherry
M.A.C Russian Red Lipstick
Nivea Caregloss and shine

What do you think?? Jessica Rabbit?... maybe not, but I like it!

The Red Obsession continues...

Abby has me desperately wanting to purchase some OPI with her bloody OPI app! Vodka and Caviar will be mine! Its the perfect red!

Today's Vlog:

Burlesque Trailer... Such a cheesy film but loved the choreography!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If I get any work done, I'll be sure to blog and youtube more! Don't forget to go subscribe to my channel if you want to see my face move/hear me talk :P oh and if you like my videos, leave some requests so I know what to film :)

Onna x

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Mar 11, 2011

New Room...

As most of you will know (as a moaned and blabbed about it on twitter for days) I recently decorated my room. I didnt really know quite what I was going for, wanted to go more country chic, but my room is far to modern for that to work. Here's how it went...

Click to Enlarge

So this is my room all painted, I still have a few things I wanna add to style it up and make it more cosy. I need:

A Mirror (Or Two)
Purple/Slate Grey Throws & Cushions
Pictures of Friends & Family
Makeup Storage

Any ideas on how to finish it off would be much appriciated, also for anyone thats wondering the purple paint was called Amethyst Falls 2... it was from B&Q and was a Dulux Matt Emulsion in the 'Mix your own' Section. 

Much Love, Onna x

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Mar 10, 2011

Girl Crush: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Name: Rosie Alice Huntington Whiteley
Age: 23
Place of Birth: Plymouth, England
Occupation: Model/Actress
Best Known For: Victoria Secret's Model, Burberry Campaign, Transformers 3

She is rediculously gorgeous, I am going to see Transformers 3 as soon as it comes out (June 2011) I think I am mostly jealous of her full lips and gorgeous hair! Please may I look like this!

Who's your biggest girl crush?

Onna x

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Mar 9, 2011


Just a quick little vlog to say hi! However be warned, there is lots of blabbering about me and my life, you may get bored :)

Mar 6, 2011

Witch Life Balance Event

I went to the Witch 'Life Balance' Event last Saturday and it was so much fun. It took place right in the centre of London, a little far away from my house, so I treked up to Abby's flat in Plymouth the night before. After a 6am start we hopped onto a rather busy train. Somehow, we not only made it into London on time, but found our way through the Underground. We met Steph and Emma and headed to the 1000Heads HQ. Phew! Who knew I had some sort of inbuilt sat nav :P

Champagne on arrival was much appriciated & I think name nags should be required at all blog events, I am rubbish with names and I was worried I would call people by their URL's! Thank god for those!

It was so lovely to meet all the bloggers and everyone at Witch were so generous! There was more food in one room than I eat in a year and so many fun activities, some naughty some nice :) I particularly enjoyed getting my nails and makeup done, and having a one-on-one chat with the Witch Makeup Artist. She gave me some great application tips to help my makeup stay in place! For links to all the bloggers who attended click here and scroll down to "Blogger Photos". Thank you Witch for running this event, to see all the official pictures click here...

Me and Steph, who is sporting a rather sexy hat, after some lovely Burlesque Dancing.

Lucy & myself attempting a bit of Burlesque dancing, not embarassing at all!

Abby... drinking :P

Abby, Steph & Half of Me :)

Me getting my makeup done by the lovely makeup artist!

The tinted moisturer swatch :)

A polaroid picture of Abby, Steph and Myself taken by Holly at the event - I sneakily stole this from Steph's blog so all credit to her :)

Thanks again Witch... I shalll review a couple of my favourite products soon!
Onna x

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Mar 3, 2011

New Summer Dress Bargain!

A few weeks ago when I was in Cardiff I picked up this little gem from Primark! My friend pushed me into buying it and I'm so glad she did, it was only £5 and will definitely be a staple in my summer wardrobe. Its so flattering, although the sizing seemed a little small! I have smallish (34B/C) boobs, and the 12 was too tight around my chest, so this one is 14. In the Cardiff store they had it in atleast four different patterns, so if you dont like this one, you might prefer another. 

Here's how I plan on wearing it this summer:


✿ Sunglasses - New Look £2.99 
✿ Bracelets- Topshop £10
✿ Sandles- Topshop £36 
✿ Bag- River Island Satchel £36.99

✿ Pendant - ASOS £8.00
✿ Bag - ASOS £15
✿ Heels - Dorothy Perkins £39
✿ Ring - Dorothy Perkins £5

The Weekend starts tomorrow!!


Onna x

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Onna's Little Blog: March 2011

Onna's Little Blog

Onna's Little Blog: March 2011

Onna's Little Blog