Oct 27, 2011

FOTD: Me, my face and I

I've got into a rut with my makeup and all I wear right now is eyeliner... bring on Halloween so I can create something a little more interesting. Right now though, I am so in love with my Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua Foundation - its ah-ma-zing! 

I love this nail varnish, its Vivid Purple by Barry M. The ring is from Primark and the bracelet is from H&M. 

I used my BaByliss Glamour Waves on my hair then slept on it and got this... it look alright I guess?

Hope you are all well,


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Oct 24, 2011

Yum Yum

I <3 Cupcakes

Made these for everyone at work! 


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Oct 21, 2011

Work, Wardrobes and weirdness

This picture looks a bit weird to me, but I didn’t have time to faff about! My makeup is minimal as usual – loving my Maybelline Black Gel Liner atm!

Wanted to do an OOTD post today but this is what they made me wear to work! New Look can be such a fail sometimes!

Ombering my hair has totally wreaked it! Needs a cut and colour pronto but not sure what to do next? Any more bleach and my hair might fall off! Got an appointment booked for early November... Ideas anyone?

I love my wardrobe! I think it’s the thing I’ll miss the most when I finally move out of my parents house… somehow I doubt my budget will stretch to having a handbag wall :S Still saving and job searching...

Anyway hope you are all well!


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Oct 14, 2011

New Look Night Out...

On saturday I went for a girls night out with my trusty New Look ladies! We got a bit glammed up, had a few pre-drinks and off to town we went. It was the usually night out, but I thought I'd show you my outfit/makeup all the same. Sorry about the drunken blurry photos but hey ho! 

My black lacy dress was from Apricot and was so flattering and my tights were from Pretty Polly. Bangles and earrings were from New Look, as usual! As for makeup I went for darm plum lips and thick black liner. Might do a tutorial on it if I'm feeling productive tomorrow! 

I secretly want glasses so badly! I know that I'm being very ungrateful for my good vision but I just love glasses! 

P.S I finally have the good camera back, so going to do some more outfit and makeup posts! 

Much Love,

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Oct 5, 2011


Thought I'd do some more creative makeup posts since Halloween is coming up and since I'm currently studying Cleopatra I thought why not her? Obviously this is just inspired... since no one today knows exactly what she looked like! I've filmed a tutorial for this, as soon as my internet speeds up, I'll upload it with all the products I've used etc. 

Might do some more Halloween posts...

xoxo Onna

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Oct 2, 2011

Sunday Catch Up

I know everyone and their mum's are writing summary posts at the moment, but I felt the need to blog - and without a proper camera, other posts just dont work *hmmph*

I miss reading blog posts and commenting on them - I just haven't had time recently...

Last week I did some work experience with a PR Company in Plymouth, and it was actually a lot of fun! Hard work though; and I'm now paying the price for being over-exhausted and not looking after myself, I have another chest infection! Bummer! 

As soon as I'm better I'm gonna get my (out of shape) arse to the gym - I need it! Promise as soon as my brother gives me camera back I shall put up some more *proper* posts! For now you can watch me on my youtube channel.

Hope you are all well, looking forward to catching up on all of your blog posts! 

Much Love,


Onna's Little Blog: October 2011

Onna's Little Blog

Onna's Little Blog: October 2011

Onna's Little Blog